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ME 30: Electromechanical Systems and Robotics I #

ME 30 is a new course at Tufts University in the fall of 2020 co-taught by Brandon Stafford and Kristen Wendell.

You’re going to love it.

Instructors #

Brandon Stafford Brandon Stafford
Kristen Wendell Kristen Wendell

Learning assistants #

Libby Albanese Libby Albanese
Jared Jaramillo Jared Jaramillo
Jeremy Kanovsky Jeremy Kanovsky

Because of the global pandemic, the course is being taught in an unusual fashion. Instead of all just hanging out in a workshop building electronics for 14 weeks, we have a bunch of different elements that will combine, like Voltron, to make an awesome course.

  • a central website for course logistics and notes, plus links to everything else
  • a project kit and plan for PCB fabrication and assembly
  • collection of pre-existing resources: a textbook plus other stuff on the website
  • short, topical videos, incrementally released, specific to our class
  • Zoom pod sessions– small groups of 16 people, real-time Q&A with Kristen or Brandon
  • a Slack workspace for the course, including channels for each pod
  • a Flipgrid group for video documentation of student work
  • community enrichment activities, like streaming electronics teardowns on Twitch
  • email status updates weekly, crossposted to this page and the Slack workspace
  • some form of assessment on Canvas