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ME 30: Electromechanical Systems and Robotics I #

ME 30 is an course in electronics at Tufts University co-taught by Kristen Wendell and Brandon Stafford.

You’re going to love it.

Instructors #

Kristen Wendell Kristen Wendell
Brandon Stafford Brandon Stafford

Learning assistants #

Reid Baris Reid Baris
Madeline Fabela Madeline Fabela
Olivia Goss Olivia Goss
Luisa Guarco Luisa Guarco
Roy Hidalgo Roy Hidalgo
Leslie Jaramillo Martinez Leslie Jaramillo Martinez
Zosia Stafford Zosia Stafford, back for round 2

project showcase in atrium

2021 project showcase in the Science and Engineering Center atrium