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ME 30: Electronics & Controls I #

ME 30 is an course in electronics at Tufts University co-taught by Kristen Wendell and Brandon Stafford.

You’re going to love it.

Instructors #

Kristen Wendell Kristen Wendell (she/her)
Brandon Stafford Brandon Stafford (he/him)

Learning assistants #

Antonio Alphonse Antonio Alphonse
Julia Divan Julia Divan
Suely Garcia Acosta Suely Garcia Acosta (she/her)
Rose Kitz Rose Kitz (she/her)
Gabe Moussa Gabe Moussa
Theresa Nguyen Theresa Nguyen (she/her)
Anna Quiros Anna Quiros (she/her)
Alexa Watson Alexa Watson
Zosia Stafford Zosia Stafford, back for round 3

project showcase in atrium

2021 project showcase in the Science and Engineering Center atrium

game demos in Cummings Center

2022 project demos in the Cummings Center