Demo videos

Client and server setup #

  • Please note that P4 and P5 for fall 2022 are different from the P4 described in the below videos. However, these videos might still be helpful in seeing some examples of setting the Pi up as a server or client.

Intro to client and server setup #

Arduino as client / Pi as server #

Pi as client / Arduino as server #

Other options for client/server architecture #

Raspberry Pi setup #

Testing an H-bridge #

This video is not intended to provide step-by-step building and testing instructions for an H-bridge motor controller circuit. Instead, its goal is to give you a feel for one kind of systematic approach you could take to circuit construction, testing, and debugging. It shows only the testing moments, and it proceeds only until half of the H-bridge circuit is complete. Here’s what we hope you’ll take away from it:

  • “One MOSFET at a time” is a reasonable approach to H-bridge building and testing.
  • You can start building an H-bridge by wiring up the “lower left” corner N-channel MOSFET. You can test it by manually hooking up the other side of the motor to 12 V.
  • Then, you can add the “upper left” corner P-channel MOSFET. To test it by itself, think about where the other side of the motor needs to be manually connected.
  • Third, you can join the lower and upper left corners and test out the full left side. How will you deal with the other side of the motor in this testing step?
  • Not shown in this video, the next step would be to build and test the right side of the H-bridge, mirroring the left side.

Videos for project 1 #

Building a breadboard prototype #

We build a circuit with 5 V and 3.3 V voltage regulators, powered by a 12 V power supply.

## Kicad walk-through

from Brandon’s office hours, September 15, 2020 #

You probably don’t need to watch this video until you get stuck. Then, scan through until you get to the part where you got stuck, and see what you are doing differently. (Or even better, find an LA and ask them for help.)

Introduction to KiCad with a simple LED board #

We create a simple printed circuit board that lights an LED with a push button. This video introduces you to the basic KiCad workflow.