Week Date Lecture Hands-on What to study Due dates
1 9/6 Voltage, current, resistors, LEDs Breadboard basics; Project 0 Prototyping; Voltage and current; LEDs; Resistors
9/8 Voltage dividers, voltage regulators, capacitors Project 1 start Series vs. parallel; Voltage regulators; Capacitors; Multimeters; Videos for P1 P0
2 9/13 Voltage regulators, Kicad Debug your voltage regulator Voltage regulators; Videos for P1; Kicad resources P1 proto
9/15 PCB design, power Kicad Demo PCB design; Kicad resources
3 9/20 More Kicad Kicad practice/Q&A Low power/high power
9/22 Transistors as switches Make a switch with a BJT P1 PCB
4 9/27 DC motors, MOSFETs, P2 intro Measure motors; Run a motor with a MOSFET Motors; Low power/high power
9/29 H-bridges Start building an H-bridge H-bridge motor driver; Intro and video for P2
5 10/4 Soldering demo, more H-bridge details More H-bridge work H-bridge motor driver; Adafruit soldering guide
10/6 Motor measurement P2 proto
6 10/11 Debugging strategies, PCB fabrication, P2.5 intro P1 PCB test Solder components to your P1 PCB and bring to class
10/13 Microcontrollers Feather set-up Microcontrollers; Feather hardware P2 PCB
7 10/18 Digital and analog I/O hardware Feather challenges Feather programming
10/20 PWM for motor control Feather challenges, cont’d Feather programming
8 10/25 P2.5 testing; P3 intro P2.5 - Due at noon in class
10/27 Stepper motors P2 PCB test; P3 learning goals
9 11/1 I2C, SPI, serial; State machines P3 proto due in class
11/3 Discriminatory design Discriminatory design Pre-class reading
10 11/8 No class (Friday schedule)
11/10 P3 demo day P3 final
11 11/15 Raspberry Pi intro Booting the Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi setup; Raspberry Pi programming
11/17 Project 4 intro P4 learning goals; Pi challenges Raspberry Pi challenges Raspberry Pi setup check on Canvas
12 11/22 Oscilloscopes; more RPi setup P4 partners (if choosing your own)
11/24 No class (Thanksgiving)
13 11/29 How does the internet work? P4 planning Internet; Servers and clients
12/1 Project management, BOMs P4 Q & A
14 12/6 P4 demo day P4 final
12/8 Last class, jobs talk
(15) 12/13
12/15 (Finals start) P5 showcase, 12-2pm