Project kits

Each student in the course will receive a kit of project supplies. The contents of the kit are listed below.

Description Manufacturer Manuf. part # Distributor Dist. part #
digital multimeter Neoteck 8233D PRO Amazon B01NAVAT9S 1
12 V, 1 A DC power supply Tri-Mag L6R12H-120 Digikey 364-1264-ND 1
breadboard, 7 inch Adafruit 239 Adafruit 239 1
hook-up wire kit Global Specialties WK-3 Digikey BKWK-3-ND 1
pin-socket jumper wires Edgelec ED-DP_L15_M-F_120pcs Amazon B07GD2869Z 10
alligator-alligator jumper wires Kitronik 2407 Digikey 1927-1085-ND 2 from 10 pack
100 ohm resistor Stackpole CFR-25JB-52-100R Digikey CF12JT100RCT-ND 5
1k ohm resistor Stackpole CFR-25JB-52-1K Digikey CF12JT1K00CT-ND 5
10k ohm resistor Stackpole CFR-25JB-52-10K Digikey CF12JT10K0CT-ND 5
100k ohm resistor Stackpole CFR-25JB-52-100K Digikey CF12JT100KCT-ND 5
10k potentiometer Flutesan Amazon B09L5MGNFZ 2
photoresistor Hiletgo 5528 Amazon B00N1ZJUN4 2
5mm red LED SunLED XLUR12D Digikey 1497-1031-ND 5
5mm green LED SunLED XLUG12D Digikey 1497-1023-ND 5
pushbutton Taiss 6x6x4.3mm Amazon B08DRB78MX 2
ziploc bag Ziploc 1089057 Amazon B00MR1TK4C 1
KB2040 pinout sticker Stickermule R874344506 Stickermule R874344506 1
Raspberry Pi pinout sticker Stickermule R574453160 Stickermule R574453160 1
cardboard box, 10 x 8 x 4 in Packlane Packlane 1
barrel jack CUI Devices PJ-102AH Digikey CP-102AH-ND 1
5 V voltage regulator STMicroelectronics L7805CV Digikey 497-1443-5-ND 1
3.3 V voltage regulator STMicroelectronics LD1117V33 Digikey 497-1491-5-ND 1
electrolytic capacitor, 10 uF Kemet ESK106M016AC3AA Digikey 399-6597-ND 3
screw terminals, 5mm pitch Wurth Elektronik 691137710002 Digikey 732-10955-ND 1
N-channel MOSFET International Rectifier IRLB8721PBF Digikey IRLB8721PBF-ND 2
P-channel MOSFET Fairchild FQP27P06 Newark 58K1524 2
NPN transistor On Semiconductor 2N3904 Digikey 2N3904FS-ND 2
DC gearmotor Plumia TJZ37RGa Amazon 1
NEMA 17 stepper motor, 350 mA@12 V Adafruit 324 Adafruit 324 1
Adafruit KB2040 microcontroller board Adafruit 5302 Adafruit 5302 1
Raspberry Pi 4B with 2GB RAM Raspberry Pi Foundation SC0193 PiHut Wholesale SC0193 1
15 W DC power supply for R. Pi Raspberry Pi Foundation SC0214 PiHut Wholesale SC0214 1
32 GB microSD card Samsung MB-MC32GA Amazon B07NP96DX5 1 from 5 pack
USB to TTL serial cable Adafruit 954 Adafruit 954 1

In 2023, we assembled 125 kits: 114 for students, 9 for learning assistants, and 2 for professors. (In 2022, we assembled 92: 83 for students, 7 for learning assistants, and 2 for professors.) The cost per kit was $160, split $43 for consumables and $117 for durable parts that we hope to reuse next year. Historically, our recovery rate for durables has been around 65%, so we estimate the annual durables replacement cost to the department at 35% of $117, or $41 per student.

Assembling the kits in their boxes A pile of finished kits