Servers and clients

Servers and clients #

A server is a program that listens for requests from clients. When it receives requests, it replies to them.

A client is a program that makes requests of servers.

Implementation on microcontrollers #

There are zillions of ways to write servers and clients– lots of different programming languages, architectures, and libraries you could use. But, to narrow things down a little bit, here are a few places to start with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Arduino MKR Wifi 1010 server #

Example code for WiFiNINA WiFiWebServer

Arduino MKR Wifi 1010 client #

Example code for WiFiNINAWiFi WebClient

Raspberry Pi server #

See the Flask example on our Raspberry Pi setup page.

Raspberry Pi client #

Try using the Python library called Requests.

You can install it with: sudo pip3 install requests

Your code might start like this:

import requests
reply = requests.get('')

server-client architecture

Demo videos showing some client/server setup #

Check them out here